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1. A digital record GPS Tachometer with brand new concept of vehicle management

The GVM-1000 GPS receiver is a compact Global Position System receiver that can generate various management reports from vehicle and drivers traveled data. It performs the high performance, easily portable, huge data saving capability with tamper proof data keepings. It is small, light weight, and no-need-of-training easy device to provide convenient reports as following

- Vehicles fuel usages and traveled distances ( calculated automatically)

- Vehicles driven routes

- Vehicles speeds by every second

- Vehicles sudden stops and excessive accelerations

- Vehicles idling status

You can utilize and apply the above data and reports for.

- Fuel usage saving

- Safe driving

- Efficient vehicle maintenance

- Driver and vehicle management

2. UNIMOs GVM-1000 GPS Tachometer brings a new concept in vehicle monitoring

Based on GPS Satellite signal, GVM-1000 can record the vehicles position, speed, direction, routes, and traveled times log-data on an external memory unit. Such data can be computed on a PC using the UNIMOs software for not only for automatic fuel usage and distances calculation but also for display of vehicles position and other information displays on PC screen and print out reports.